My first jab at depressing Supernatural fan-fiction.

This was it,
The end of the road.

The doors to heaven and hell were about to be closed shut forever.
No more demons, no more angels.
And at the center of it all were two boys.

They were brothers,
one tall, impure, and human.
the other handsome, righteous and demon.
Sam and Dean.

They stood alone in the hall of a small and abandoned church in Wyoming, one of five.
Over the course of seven and a half hours Sam had slowly been curing Dean of his demonic nature.
And it was almost time for Sam to finish it, but before he could complete the final demon trial he needed to let Dean close the gates of heaven, forever.
Dean was very weak from the angel trials as well as being cured for the passed 7 hours.
But he had done it.
All he needed to do was say the final incantation and all the angels on earth would be sent back up to heaven.

But first he needed to say goodbye.

Before Dean could open his mouth to pray, a man in a dirty and tattered light brown trench coat appeared in the doorway of the church.
The angel who had gripped both boys tight and raised from hell, the angel who had saved them too many times to count, the angel who had fallen for them.
Castiel knew what the boys were doing, and he knew it had to be done.
He began to walk towards them. Cas thought of all that they had been through together, and now he thought of what to say to them in their final moments.
But before he could open his mouth he felt two strong and tight embraces.
And he embraced them back.
They lingered there for a moment in utter silence.

"Cas, thank you. For everything."

The Angel looked at the two boys whose eyes were swelling with tears.
It was time.
Dean flashed Cas a smile and choked out the words

"We’ll see ya soon"

The angel smiled
and was gone.

Sam and Dean were so close now,
So close to finishing what they had started so many years ago.

Dean reached for the small crumpled piece of paper to complete the trial.

Sam stood by his brother ready to inject him with the final dose of purified blood, and end the demon trials.

Dean began to speak

"Gesh zoode ghot met eloth tep"

There was not a sound.
The world was still.
It seemed like nothing had changed.
But through a shattered stained glass window the boys could see lights dancing across the sky.
Warm vibrant colors
And in the next moment they were gone.

Dean had fallen to his knees

The trials were beginning to take their toll on his weary body.

Sam knew he did not have much time left, he needed to act quickly.

"Sammy, I don’t know how much longer I can hang on… Hurry!"

Sam plunged the needle into his brother’s neck and began to say the words to cure him.
Sam cut his hand and held it to Deans mouth.
There was a flash of light.

Dean was human again.

He lay on the ground tears of joy and relief in his eyes knowing that he would die human.

But his happiness was quickly brought to an end.

Sam had finished the demon trial and fallen down next to him.

The boys felt the ground shake ever so slightly as the doors to hell were slammed shut.

The quiet began to consume them.

They knew that this was it.
They weren’t coming back this time.
No more demons to make deals with, no more angels to raise them.
No one left to save them.

Dean looked over at Sam, his little brother who he had taken care of his whole life.
Who he carried out of their burning home.
Who he told stories to.
Who he tried to keep innocent.
Who he taught how to hustle pool and poker.
Who he taught how to talk to girls.
Who he drug out of Stanford.
Who he sold his soul for.
Who he died for.
Who he loved more than anything else on this earth.

And Sam looked back.
And he knew all that his big brother had done for him.
And he knew in his heart that Dean knew that Sam would have done the same for him.

This was not the first time the brothers had seen each other die.
No, they were all too familiar with death, but it never stopped hurting.

But this time, this time was different.

They had carried on for so long. But now They were done and at peace.
They laid their weary heads down to rest.
And they didn’t cry anymore.

Their blood had been spreading on the floor and slowly begun to mix.

They fought desperately for each breath.
Trying to cling to life as long as they could so the other didn’t have to die alone.
Even on death’s door they continued to look out and put each other first.

Then Dean began to sing in a coarse and weak voice:
“Hey Jude… Don’t make it bad… Take a… Sad song… And make it better…”
Sam’s eyes swelled with tears.
Their mother had sung this song to Dean when he was young.
And Dean had sung it to Sam when they were both little.

Dean stopped. He could no longer remember the words.
Darkness began to eat away at his mind and the corners of his vision.
He knew he had moments left.

Sam knew he and his brother were beginning to cross over
he could barely focus on Dean’s body. And with the last bit of strength he could muster Sam placed his hand in Dean’s.
Even though Sam couldn’t see him anymore he would still be able to feel his brother’s presence.

Dean felt Sam’s hand touch his, and in that moment it was tiny like it had been when they were young.
And this thought gave Dean comfort.
He looked over at his brother and choked out the only word he could think to say


Sam whispered back


And he was gone.
Dean could now let go.

"Goodnight Sammy."

One moment Cas was flying around the earth soaking in all of creation and it’s beauty for the last time.
He watched the sun set over the mountains, a mother deer nurse her faun, the gondolas sliding between the canals of Venice and he watched the bees.
Then there was a great white light and he felt himself being pulled upwards, back home.

Then he landed in a field.

It was night.
there was a soft murmur of crickets and a calm breeze gently shaking the trees.

And in the middle of this field there was a car.

And on that car there were two boys.

They sat there gazing up at the stars.
Neither said a word.




#at this moment #steve had less than two full weeks to mourn the loss of his best friend #the love of his life #bucky fell from the train #and steve tried to kill himself forty eight hours later #and now #he doesn’t even know what to do with himself anymore #there’s not even a tombstone he can go back to #he can’t even get revenge #everyone else is already dead #oh god #kill me now  [x]

#right this is why i don’t get why people are like ‘steve’s so out of character in avengers’#the guy lost everyone he loved and barely had time to adjust to the fact he woke up 70 years in the future#and the world he knew was gone#he lost his best friend and he had known his entire life#he was grieving so how can people expect him to not be different to how he was in cap 1#ughhh it just really frustrates me tbh#steve rogers#marvel#avengers

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